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The Oblivion, is our flagship range, designed for power and execution.

All our Bats are made from English Willow, Handcrafted using traditional methods in the UK. 

All our Bats come with warranty.

Customise your own bat to suit your game, by choosing one of our 5 shapes.

We offer Replica Services on old cricket bats.

Each bat is Customised to your specification and is made is specifically for you .

Type 1 ; MID TO LOW MIDDLE - Suits People wanting to Play All round the Ground, has great pick up and balance 

Type 2 : MID MIDDLE - Lightweight Design with Fantastic Pick and great overall balance. 

Type 3 : LOW MIDDLE - This bat will suit big hitters on low bouncing pitches, low sweet spot and lots of meat.

Type 4 : HIGH MIDDLE - Great for back foot players and aggressive players, High sweet spot and swell. 

Type 5: MID TO LOW MIDDLE - A more aggressive option of the type 1. Full profile  brilliant for those on the front foot a lot. 

Type 6 : MID MIDDLE - Big Gritting aggressive profile lot of meat, aggressive duckbill for light pick up. 

Type 7 : MID MIDDLE - A more lightweight option for those looking for a powerful mid middle. 

Shapes Available

Pay Monthly Options on Bats 

Players : 2 Months: £93, 3 Months £68, 4 Months £56

LIMITED EDITION  : 2 Months: £120, 3 Months £88, 4 Months £72

SPECIAL EDITION  : 2 Months: £135, 3 Months £100, 4 Months £81


Grades of Willow 

Players : Clefts used will typically have between 5-7 Grains, with Heartwood on the outer edge. Small Blemishes may be visible, however this will not affect performance. These bats are graded purely on there looks. Bats can be all sapwood on customers request.

Limited Edition:  Clefts Used will typically have 7-9 Grains, may have a small Amount of heartwood on the edge. Bats can be all sapwood on customers request.

Special Edition : Clefts used typically will have 10+ grains, the majority of the these clefts will be blemish free and are the best we offer. Bats can be all sapwood on customers request or can be two toned.

These bats are graded purely on there looks. 

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